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Project Team

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The project is being undertaken by the principal European centres of excellence in the field of Sea Surface Temperature research and application. The partners in this programme are:

University of Reading
Prime Contractor
Science Lead/EO Team
System Engineering


UK Met Office
Climate Research Group
EO Team
System Engineering


University of Leicester
Climate Research Group


Meteo France
EO Team/System Engineering


Climate Research Group


EO Team


Brockmann Consult
System Engineering


Space ConneXions
Project Management


NOC Southampton
EO Team




Involvement of the Climate Research Community

The Climate Research Group is led by the Met Office Hadley Centre, who are experienced in observational dataset development for climate science and modelling. The CRG members are working daily with climate modellers and other climate scientists worldwide. They therefore have useful personal networks within the climate user community, and a deep appreciation of the concerns and perspectives of the modelling community regarding climate data.

The CRG and the Science Leader are systematically engaging with the climate modelling community throughout the project. The first interactions were part of the requirements analysis led by the CRG during Phase 1. The consortium is represented at all CMUG meetings by the CRG and the Science Leader is able to attend most CMUG meetings also. The Science Leader has connections with the Hadley Centre, ECMWF and the US National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) via several past projects, and collaborates with world-leading climate and ocean modellers within his own and other universities. Members of the project team also have strong links with the international ocean modelling and data assimilation community through GODAE OceanView.

The CRG is assessing the SST_cci products in two main steps:

  1. validation with respect to reference data set; then
  2. three pronged climate assessment:
    1. comparison to existing SST data sets on a wide range of space and time scales;
    2. incorporation into the Met Office Hadley Centre HadGEM model assessment framework;
    3. inter-ECV comparison
The CRG is encouraging other users to use the data sets via international meetings, targeted e-mail invitations and dedicated web discussion sessions.