SST CCI Product User Guide

This part of the SST_cci website will provide a web-based version of the Product User Guide (PUG) for the data products produced by the SST_cci project. It will include instructions on how to run the tools that are made available by the project to regrid and average the data. A number of worked examples will be provided to demonstrate how to get started with the data.

The SST_cci PUG includes:
  • an overview of the SST_cci project;
  • a guide to getting started with using the SST_cci data;
  • tables describing the features of each of the SST_cci products;
  • a detailed description of the SST_cci data files;
  • description of tools that can be used to work on the data products including the tools developed by the SST_cci project;
  • worked examples of how to use the data;
  • dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations and jargon that may be encountered when reading this document;
  • list of references.