SST CCI User Tools

The ESA SST CCI project provides two software tools specifically designed to operate on the SST CCI data. These tools support the regridding of the SST data products to a coarser raster and the regional averaging of data for a selectable time interval. The algorithms implemented ensure a correct propagation of the uncertainty information and generate an additional uncertainty component taking into account the effects of incomplete sampling (e.g. due to cloud coverage).

The usage description of the tools, as well as a number of real-world examples, can be found in the SST CCI Products User Guide. Invoking a tool with the cmd-line option -h prints the usage to the console window.

The SST CCI project supplies installers for the major operating systems (Win64, Linux 64, MacOS). The software can be used free of charge and is GPL licensed. The source code is available at

To download the pre-release version of the tools, click:

HERE for windows-compatable

HERE for linux-compatable

HERE for apple mac-compatable

IMPORTANT: the tools require a large ancilliary dataset (12 GB) which is *not* included in the installers. Please download this dataset from HERE .

Note that the above downloadable tools are pre-release versions. The final products will be made available at the end of the project (early 2017).

Change Note: The regional averaging tool has been updated to version 3.1, due to a bug fix. The bug had caused an error when selecting a climatology file for processing.

If you have any comments on the tools, please contact