Sea Surface Temperature User Workshop on Uncertainties

What they are, how they are currently presented, how to use them and what you need next.

SST uncertaintiesExample map of standard uncertainty in SST_cci analysis product (K)
Venue: Met Office Hadley Centre, Exeter, UK
Date: 18-20th November 2014.

The SST CCI project is creating new Climate Data Records (CDRs) of SST from satellite retrievals. These CDRs contain information on uncertainty in SST retrievals, split into components. Other CDRs of SST provide uncertainty information in other ways, e.g. as a single number per SST value or via the use of an ensemble.

This workshop was a two-way discussion between SST data providers and users and aimed to create a common understanding of: where this uncertainty comes from; how to talk about it; how well the uncertainty information that is provided addresses users´ needs; and how to practically use such uncertainty information. It achieved this through a mixture of oral and poster presentations, activities and group discussions.

The aims of the meeting were to:
  • Exchange information about uncertainties in SST observations;
  • Create new expert SST users who, through publication of their work, can inspire others to take uncertainty information into account;
  • Source requirements from SST users on uncertainty information and other aspects of the Climate Data Records;
  • Spread best practice through a follow-on meeting report or journal article.


For more information and for links to the User Workshop presentations, see the Workshop Agenda .

Workshop Report

For detailed information regarding the User Workshop, see the Workshop Report .