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Papers on SST uncertainties

The SST CCI project has produced three papers on various aspects of SST uncertainties, published in Remote Sensing of Environment:

Estimating background error covariance parameters and assessing their impact in the OSTIA system Read more »

Updated SST CCI Analysis product

The SST CCI Analysis product (in which daily SST is gap-filled in time and space) has been updated to version 1.1. This version uses the same SST inputs as analysis v1.0. Compared to v1.0, intermittent bugs in the externally sourced sea ice fields (with corresponding implications for high latitude SST) have been corrected. For users not directly using the sea ice fields, the update is minor; for those using the sea ice fields, it is recommended. Read more »

SST CCI User Tools

The ESA SST CCI project provides two software tools specifically designed to operate on the SST CCI data. These tools support the regridding of the SST data products to a coarser raster and the regional averaging of data for a selectable time interval. The algorithms implemented ensure a correct propagation of the uncertainty information and generate an additional uncertainty component taking into account the effects of incomplete sampling (e.g. due to cloud coverage).

SST video for COP21

To coincide with COP21 in Paris, ESA have released interviews about essential climate variables, including this one about sea surface temperature.

Very easy download of basic SST CCI data

If you want some of our data in the simplest possible form, head to our newRead more »

SST User Workshop on Uncertainties

Venue: Met Office Hadley Centre, Exeter, UK
Date: 18-20th November 2014.

The SST CCI project is creating new Climate Data Records (CDRs) of SST from satellite retrievals. These CDRs contain information on uncertainty in SST retrievals, split into components. Other CDRs of SST provide uncertainty information in other ways, e.g. as a single number per SST value or via the use of an ensemble. Read more »

SST CCI datasets now available via CEDA

The datasets generated to date by SST CCI are available from the Centre for Environmental Data Archival via the page Possibly it is most useful to go to the dataset pages using the DOIs of the datasets:

For SSTs derived only from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometers: Read more »

Sea surface temperature during La Nina (October 1998)

We have posted an SST distribution from 15 October 1998 on the SST figshare website. This is a globally complete analysis of SST, synthesized from infra-red observations made by meteorological and research satellites. The analysis is a 0.05 deg resolution in latitude and longitude, and is daily. Read more »

ESA Climate Change Initiative

Climate change is arguably the greatest challenge facing mankind in the twenty-first century. Its importance has been recognised in recent reports from the IPCC and from UNFCCC, and the overwhelming economic consequences are set out in the Stern Report. Read more »

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