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SST CCI datasets now available via CEDA

The datasets generated to date by SST CCI are available from the Centre for Environmental Data Archival via the page Possibly it is most useful to go to the dataset pages using the DOIs of the datasets:

For SSTs derived only from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometers: Read more »

New Sea Surface Temperature Products from SST_cci

Three types of long-term dataset have been generated by the SST_cci team Read more »

Download the latest newsletter

Click on the image to view the latest SST CCI newsletter:

Sea Surface Temperature CCI Project

The Sea Surface Temperature Climate Change Initiative (SST CCI) project will accurately map the surface temperature of the global oceans over the period 1991 to 2010, using observations from many satellites. The aim is to independently quantify SST to a quality suitable for climate research.

The project started in August 2010. It is part of a wider initiative by the European Space Agency (ESA) addressing several essential climate variables in addition to SST.

As well as new data, we will specify a system for SST for climate for the future. Read more »

Algorithm Selection Report

Global SST Time Series

Bergen Symposium (July 2010)

Chris Merchant introduces the SST CCI project at the Living Planet symposium held in Bergen on 28 June - 02 July 2010.

Bergen Symposium

You can also view the entire CCI session if you wish.


The Science Leader maintains a blog on the SST_cci project.

ESA Climate Change Initiative

Climate change is arguably the greatest challenge facing mankind in the twenty-first century. Its importance has been recognised in recent reports from the IPCC and from UNFCCC, and the overwhelming economic consequences are set out in the Stern Report. Read more »

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