Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Climate Change Initiative

The SST CCI website provides information for users to access and understand the current version of the SST CCI dataset.

The movie below is a blend of SST CCI ATSR and AVHRR products, interpolated to give a complete SST field every day at 0.05 deg lat-lon resolution. The movie covers several years, and one month passes in a little more than one second. The movie was made by Planetary Visions, based on the data freely available at the Centre for Data Archival.

The SST CCI project also produces regional SST movies; a movie of the polar regions is shown below.

The datasets generated to date by SST CCI are available from the Centre for Environmental Data Archival via the page Possibly it is most useful to go to the dataset pages using the DOIs of the datasets:

For SSTs derived only from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometers:

For SSTs derived only from the Along-Track Scanning Radiometers:

This points to v1.0.  V1.1, addressing a few problems in v1.0, will be coming along soon.

For a gap-filled, daily blend ("SST CCI analysis") of the above datasets (with good feature resolution):

To get data, you need to register just your e-mail address with the data centre. If you try to access data without logging in, you get a page that says "access to the dataset is restricted". This is misleading: there is no restriction on obtaining SST CCI data, you simply need to be logged in to the data centre.

The Product User Guide (PUG) can be accessed on this site.